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Germicidal module for ventilation, recirculation and conditioning systems MEGALIT

Germicidal module MEGALIT is intended for UV disinfection of air flow in ventilation and air-conditioning systems with high capacity.

The equipment significantly reduces concentration of microorganisms in air.


Number of lamps from 2 to 16
Capacity*, m³/h
from 1 500 to 43 000
UV-C output, W
from 180 to 1 440
Power consumption, W from 600 to 4 800
* 90% and 99.9% of the germicidal efficiency for Staphylococcus Aureu.


  • significantly reduced infection rate for people working indoors;
  • better quality of finished product and raw materials;
  • decreased amount of chemical agents necessary for conventional disinfection.

Germicidal modules MEGALIT can be easily fitted into existing and projected ventilation systems in workshops and production facilities.

MEGALIT series uses special amalgam lamps with power consumption 100-350 W. They are intended to operate in high velocity air flows with a wide temperature range from +1 to +40 ºС.

Germicidal cassette MEGALIT AERO

Germicidal cassette MEGALIT AERO is designed for UV disinfection of air flows in ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


Germicidal cassette MEGALIT AERO consists of a stainless panel with germicidal amalgam lamps mounted. The lamps are protected from accidental breakage by a stainless steel frame. Power supply, control and monitoring units are mounted on the other side of the panel.

Optionally the germicidal cassette can be equipped with remote control and alarm signals. In this case the germicidal cassette can be integrated into SCADA of ventilation and air-conditioning system.

Our specialists can select the equipment for various classes and types of rooms, calculate necessary level of germicidal efficiency and required UV dose, upon request.