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UV Systems for Air and Surface Disinfection

LIT designs and manufactures UV systems to disinfect air and surfaces. All systems are equipped with LIT’s high output amalgam lamps with efficiency of ~ 40% and lamp life of up to 16,000 hours (up to 2 years of continuous operation).

The UV systems equipped with high output amalgam lamps for air and surface disinfection are significant more compact and effective comparing to systems equipped with low output low pressure mercury lamps. Amalgam lamps do not contain liquid mercury that is why the UV systems equipped with these lamps are more environmentally friendly and safe to operate. All LIT’s equipment is made of UV resistant materials: stainless steel, aluminium, PTFE and ceramics. This distinguishes the LIT UV equipment from others and assures a durable system design and a long life, low maintenance operation of the LIT UV equipment.


  • Industrial facilities – food industry, agriculture, pharmaceutical industry, etc.
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning system in buildings and constructions (sport, medical, cultural, trade, business facilities, transport: subway, railway stations, airports).